Blocking Off Days (Overrides)

Puneet Jain

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What is it?
Overrides lets you overrides the normal schedule days for the product/Team member/resources.

We understand there might be cases where your product might have a different schedule. 

There can be more but here are some cases:

1. You have different schedule for specific day due to holiday/festival etc.

2. Team Member/resource is not available for a specific day.


1. Navigate to Bookable Schedule page from the side navigation menu.

2. Click on "Manage" button for the Bookable Schedule you want to create Overrides.

3. Go to "Add date Overrides" section

4. You can block the whole day or select particular hours to block on a specific day.

5. If you want to block the whole day please select the date and select "not available" checkbox.

6. If you want to block specific hour please select the date and specify start time and end time.

7. Click on the "Add overrides" button.

8. Click on "submit" button.

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