Multiple Bookable Schedules/Team Members/Resource attached to a Bookable Offering

Puneet Jain

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What is it?

You can add multiple Bookable Schedule/Team Member/Resources to a single Bookable Schedule.

For Example: You run a barber store, there might be multiple barber's and all are having a schedule. 

So let's say schedule for barbers are

Working Hours Barber A - 9am to 5pm

Working Hours Barber B - 9am to 5pm

Working Hours Barber C - 4pm to 9pm

You want each barber should takes approximately 30 mins for each client.

Now let's create a bookable offering for one of your products which is women's hair cut.

Create a bookable offering which has duration of 30 mins and attach at least 1 or multiple Team Members to that Bookable Offering as shown below.

How to create a Bookable offering:

Follow the usual flow of creating a bookable offering and publish it.

Customer will be able to select the Team Member/resource if there any multiple associated with a time slot. See the Image Below.

Pick the one you want to book and other resource/Team Member/schedule will still be available so customers can book for the same time slot.

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