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Puneet Jain

Last Update 10 months ago

What is it?

A Bookable Offering is an experience, service, or consultation that you offer your customers.

Each bookable offering corresponds to a Shopify product (or variants of your products).

Each booking corresponds to a Shopify order.

The app turns your product into a bookable offering. We turn your “Add to Cart” button into a “Book Now” button where the customer selects a date & time before they add to cart.

How to create a Bookable Offering

1. Make sure you have created a product through Shopify Admin for the Offering/event/service you have in mind.

2. Click "Bookable Offering" button in the Dashboard, select the product and the variant of the product. 

3. Select the Bookable Schedule you want to attach with this Bookable Offering.

4. Set up the basic offering details like Duration, No of Attendees, Start Date, End Date, Delivery type. You can also edit this later.

5. Once you bookable service is published you will see a button to view it in your store.

6. Click on "Save & Publish" Button.

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