Email Notification Templates Customization

Puneet Jain

Last Update 10 maanden geleden

Email Notification to your customer can easily be customized as per you needs.

Scenario: Let's say you want to change "Appointment Reminder" Email Template

1. Navigate to App Customization for the side navigation menu.

2. Click on "Email Notifications".

3. Click on the "Appointment Reminder" to make edits.

4. It shows you the Reply-to Email, Subject, Content

5. Edit the content, subject or reply-to email as you desire.

6. You can edit the content of the Email templates as you like but be cautious not the change the text inside double curly braces for ex: {{start_date}} or {{event_location}} as it is dynamically filled by code.

7. Once edited click on "Save" button.

Future Email's for "Appointment Reminder" to your customer will be the updated one.

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