Creating One-Time Bookable Offering

Puneet Jain

Last Update il y a 10 mois

What is it?

One-Time bookable offering is when a merchants want a single time-slot for a specific date which is not repeated. 

For Example:

“I want to take bookings for a 2-hour event that only happens on April 15th at 3pm”.

Steps to create a One-Time bookable offering:

1. Create a Bookable Offering.

2. While select Duration choose the 120 mins as per the above example.

3. Start Date and End Date should be same - 5th June 2023 as per the above example.

4. Manage the Bookable Schedule of the Person/Instrument/Service by making it available only at 3pm-5pm. Hence, in the Customer Booking it will show only 1 time-slot to book.

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